About Stacy K

Photo by Tammy Swales Photography

Stacy K Floral established in 2006, bloomed out of a combination of Stacy K’s desire to help others but also being shy.  Early on I realized that I could touch the lives of so many without ever meeting them through the work my hands could create with flowers.  My passion for floral design is deeply rooted in creating beautiful and memorable experiences for everyone who steps into our studio and having a positive impact in the lives of others. Whether you’re interested in a bouquet for a loved one, flowers for your wedding day, or a unique gift for a friend, my team and I pride ourselves on creating the perfect something that speaks to you.

Our studio is located at 43 Russell Street, Rochester NY.  This state of the art green development serves as an area to design floral arrangements for clients, host a wide array of classes and includes a substantial selection of carefully curated retail goods. Stacy K Floral is a women-owned and operated business with a mission of impacting our community in a positive and lasting way through the art of floral design, exemplary customer service and unique shopping experiences.

Our Purpose

To touch the lives of those in our community in a positive and lasting way through the art of floral design, exemplary customer service and a unique shopping experience.


Provide unique floral designs for all occasions while carrying a carefully curated line of gifts and plants for all occasions. With kindness the focus of our customer service and knowing that each day we get to have a positive impact on multiple lives we humbly do the best job we are able to. There is no limit to the customer we are creating for.  Flowers are bookmarks in our memories, and it is our mission to each day create everlasting bookmarks.  Customized, personalized, locally focused, with green initiatives in mind we create for the community through the art of flowers and gifts of nature.


Always striving to create a new floral shop experience.

The Factory

Fun Facts about our location that was renovated impeccably by the Dutton Properties Family.

    • We have a large geothermal system to heat and cool the entire building 
    • our 1940’s floral display cooler was spray foam insulated and converted to the geothermal system to give her and extended life
    • The counter at our front desk is from the original floor boards in the factory building. If you look close you can find the stamp from when it was built in 1910. 
    • The skylight in our space were the originally the vent windows for the building
    • The ceiling throughout the entire Factory building is all recycled wood

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