Upcycle: Wall Gardens | Florist Rochester NY

Instead of building bonfires or just putting old wooden pallets by the road, turn them into wall gardens!


Our upcycle tip of the week is to turn your unwanted wood pallets into fabulous planters. We painted ours bright colors and lined them with burlap (can use landscape fabric as well). Then you fill them with garden soil, plants, and voila! Beautiful, unique, and ecofriendly gardens.

You can hang them on the wall, or just lean them up against something (careful though, they are quite heavy);-)

IMG_0258 IMG_0259 IMG_0260 IMG_0261

 Upcycle: Wall Gardens | Florist Rochester NY

Michael @ Blue Velvet Chair - ABSOLUTELY love these – and hope you don’t mind if I flatter you with a copy at my home (in Sweden). Thanks for the share and inspiration!

Patricia Jones - I love these and I’m inspired to create my own. Can you tell me how you secured them to the wall? Much appreciated. Thanks!

Stacy K - We predrilled holes in the block wall and used two concrete screws to hold a piece of wood and then screwed the pallets into the piece of wood. We also have some that just lean on the ground if you can’t attach to a building.

Brian GadgetSponge - Beautiful idea. I’m so inspired these days with all the creativity blooming by repurposing all of these pallets.

Stella - Do you just staple gun the sacks to the back around the edges or make individual pockets for each “planter” area?

Stacy K - We stapled burlap around the entire inside you could use landscape cloth as well and then cut holes for the plants.

Hilde - I would like to know how the backing is fastened and how long the plants need to stay in horizontally so the roots will take hold?

Tonya Grant - Did you plant the plants and flowers in between the pallet slats as well as in the top of the pallet?
It looks like they were planted both ways.

Stacy K - Yes we planted in the sides and the top

Stacy K - we covered the back with landscape cloth and a board and we planted them on the wall they never laid flat on the ground

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Trix Relvas - Love, love, love these!!!

Hope I can make mine half as pretty as yours!!!!

Jennie - What type of paint did you use for outdoor?

Stacy K - We just used Home Depot outdoor paint

Tara - Helloo!! This image has been in my head since I found it last week!! I have one pallet…did you use more than one and take it apart/cut it down. It looks like you used one initially, but now I’m wondering if you used more than one.

I like the use of the rectangles & squares, hoping to emulate effect but with yellow, hot pink & turquoise ;-)

many thanks Tara (Australia)

Stacy K Ercan - We used several pallets and cut them down to the sizes that we needed. Hopefully that answers your questions.

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